Word of Mouth (WOM) analysis of popular Tablet brands

This online market research, administered by Amplified Analytics, is valid as of August 5, 2011 and is the result of the review of different tablet brands’ segment of the market. It is based on the analysis of customer feedback from 8,241 tablet users who expressed their sentiments on the product.

The chart above depicts the Word of Mouth (WOM) Share for ten of the top tablet brands in terms of customer satisfaction (CSI).

The chart above illustrates shows customer satisfaction with Operating System of their respective Tablet.

The scores were algorithmically produced by the use of Opinion Mining software that conducts an analysis of customer feedback that is published online by the customers themselves; no customer was personally contacted to provide their opinions.  The relative percentages were not based on customer’s answers to biased survey questions. It is not Amplified Analytics’ business to conduct surveys.

It is also important to note that the Apple iPad2 was excluded from the list of tablet brands analyzed because it significantly dominates the market, thus making the comparison of customer satisfaction meaningless. The Apple brand seems to have its own market that is incomparable to others.

The chart below shows a comparison of specific attributes (reliability, portability, display, etc) of leading tablets. These attributes came from the customers when they shared their experience using the brands. The green line athwart denotes the relative importance of each attribute to customers. Check the methodology used in this link: Opinion Mining. Attributes with less than 1% importance were not included in the graph.


From the graph, we can see that Reliability is the most important attribute, with 11.7% of total opinions.

Yet, customers of Samsung Galaxy continue to get disappointed for the second month of measuring it since it was first introduced. Its Customer Support, with an importance rating of 1.76%, exceeds customer expectations by 8% while the Display attribute, with a 7.42% score, is on top of the competition.

You can access this dynamic Customer Intelligence dashboard by clicking on this link and CustomerSay! Verbatim by clicking on a specific bar of this chart. “Attributes” and “Products” selection windows allow for focus on your area of interest.


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