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What do we expect from a product?

Great company reputation provides an opportunity for higher profit margins, as trust in your product improves, and allows less discounting and advertising expense compared to less reputable competition. Continue reading

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Can’t buy me Love…

This is not to say that Word Of Mouth Marketing cannot be incentivised, just that marketers have to understand that it could become a double edge sword and can easily create unintended adverse consequences. It also create a challenge for us, at Amplified Analytics, to develop an effective approach to weight authenticity of reviews we analyze for producing Product Reputation metrics. Continue reading

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In “Peer” we trust

So what is a meaning of “peer” or “a person like me” in the environment most recommendations are anonymous, and a privacy of the recommenders is carefully protected? We all are too well aware of unscrupulous, and not too smart, marketers who tried to game the system with widely publicized failures. However that very publicity seem to give us even more confidence in the “peers”, as it makes us believe that a sheer number of the reviews and recommendations authors, and the transparency of the Internet, will protect us from being manipulated. Continue reading

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The wrath of customer reviews

As a shopper for a all-in-one printer who compares these 2 printers on a retail site, such as Amazon, the Epson Workforce is an easy choice – as customers rating it at 4 stars as oppose to 2.5 stars for HP. Given similar price and supplies availability, this decision is “no brainer”. However as a product marketing manager, responsible for HP C4280, I would really want to understand the nature of it’s failure to earn better reputation with the customers, before giving up on it and returning to the drawing board for the next model.

Most noticeable diversions in reputation for these two competitors are in Functionality and Support scores, while customers expressed a disappointment with Reliability of both machines.

45 of 83 reviews (54%) explicitly addressing functionality of HP printer, expressed a negative sentiment about it. Even more telling is an intensity of the sentiment expressed – these customers’ negative sentiment intensity is average 0.073 that is nearly unacceptable. My hypothesis is the HP marketing organization has created unattainable expectations by it’s marketing communications. Let’s look closer what cases such an uproar
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