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Social Consumer challenge to Traditional Brand Management

As most marketers are well aware, when consumers have trust in a brand the products associated with this brand are capable of delivering higher margins than the competition and sustaining adverse economic conditions without loss of their market share. Unless … Continue reading

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Social Levers for Effective Brand Management

This article is a sequel to The Essence of Brand and Customer Experience post that I wrote a few months ago. It explores further how to use Social Reputation metrics as the levers for pro-active brand management. Over five years … Continue reading

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Customers view of Tablets-2011

This analysis is based on 30,670 customer reviews of 108 tablets published online by December 24th 2011. Continue reading

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Branding Tips That Build Product Reputation

If your product fails to provide what customers take for granted, your sales will drop and your product reputation will quickly suffer. Imagine that next blog posting that mentions your product’s features or support services in a negative way! You need to know what customers are saying about your product and your reputation. Continue reading

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Socialnomics – A Marketing Tsunami

Savvy shoppers are no longer going into the marketplace without delving into the social ranks for assistance. Unless a product also has social support riding on the surge of information, it could become dead in the water. Continue reading

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