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Social Media Monitoring vs Customer Intelligence Analysis

There is a considerable confusion about a difference between Social Media Monitoring and Customer Intelligence methodologies Continue reading

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Why People Dislike Metrics

The KPI metrics can shine a light on our performance and quality of our decisions that can be too bright and harsh. Continue reading

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Customers want us to listen more

Institutionalized listening needs to become a part of personalized conversation if a brand wants to be successful in social media. Continue reading

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Closed loop WoM Marketing webinar

Participants will learn the methods, techniques and best practices for use of online Word of Mouth (WOM) to stimulate demand for CE products; methodology and tools for market research of social media to measure product reputation and customer satisfaction without breaking the bank.

Who should attend:

Marketing Product Managers, Market Research and Market Intelligence professionals, PR and Marketing Communications professionals interested in product and brand equity management.

Presenter Bio:

Gregory Yankelovich has been involved with customer centric product management and marketing, CRM process best practices and their automation for the last 15 years. He currently serves as CEO of Amplified Analytics, the firm that specializes in use of opinion mining and natural language processing technologies for analysis of CE Customer reviews, word of mouth and other forms of customer feedback. Continue reading

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Filtering Digital Media Receivers – which one is for me?

This makes my selection much easier as I can see that Roku XD delighted their customers with most of the attributes important to them. More than any other receiver we considered. However I also have information to make this decision personal, not just following the math – I do not buy from a company that disappoints their customers with Customer Support that makes…..

Drum rolls please!

The winner of 2010 Piplzchoice Award in the Digital Receiver Category is Apple TV 2010. Continue reading

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