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Algorithms vs People – Customer Experience Perspective

Algorithms do not perform better than people. However, they do consistently perform better than many people. Customers demand consistent experience every time. Continue reading

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Two major threats to superior customer experience

Inadequacy of connection between customer experience investment and financial benefits.   It is very hard to provide direct, causal, linear connections between investment into customer experience management and growth of revenue, reduction in operating cost or improvement of profit margins. To … Continue reading

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Where are the best Insights?

Most of business managers would like to make informative business decisions rationally based on data and evidence, and yet corporate meetings are still too often dominated by “vision” and “gut feeling” arguments. It is easy to argue that uncertainties of … Continue reading

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Strategic marketing is maximizing stakeholders ROI

How can you maximize your stakeholders’ return on investment? Treat your stakeholders like your customers. What is really important to them? For example, is it just a return on investment or some sense of control? Continue reading

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Social Media and ROI

“Lynne d Johnson, the ARF’s head of social media (formerly head of communities at Fast Company mag.) asked our expert panel about ROI, it was clear that we don’t have all the answers yet. However, the answer I liked best was Heather’s; “What is the ROI for you to send your mother a mother’s day card?” So I might add, what is the ROI for authenticity? Who cares? What kind of company do you want to be? “

I have an answer for Ms. Heather Maxwell from General Mills’s rhetorical questions – I am sure that among other things, General Mills wants to be a profitable company. Perennially unprofitable companies have a nasty habit of disappearing from business landscape along with the employment they provide to social media visionaries. Continue reading

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