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Customer Engagement is a Double Edge “Sword”

Every week I get at least two invitations for webinars exploring various customer engagement technologies.  Apparently brands are really interested to engage consumers. At least technology vendors think so, and provide them with powerful tools to do just that. The … Continue reading

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Loyalty vs Reputation-Which sells your product better?

Loyalty is based on prior experiences a customer had with a specific brand, while reputation is based on the aggregated experiences of others with a specific product. Both influence purchasing selections consumers make, but each can make a different impact … Continue reading

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How Online Customer Reviews can help “Brick & Mortar” Retailers

While marketers and researchers slice and dice social media noise, or chasing a diminishing number of customers who still are willing to respond to survey requests, customer review data is not being explored to its potential both online and off. … Continue reading

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The Essence of Brand and Customer Experience

A brand is the essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced. Continue reading

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Market Intelligence Analysis of Brother Reliability Claim

Market Intelligence analysis of Customer Generated Content indicates that Canon enjoys the highest reputation for Reliability, not Brother Continue reading

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