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Do We Really Need “Unbiased” Customer Reviews?

Since the advent of digital commerce customer reviews became an integral and important part of marketing. As adoption of online retailing grew, the role of customer reviews, published on e-commerce (retail) sites and third party reputation sites, became irreplaceable. Consumers, … Continue reading

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The root of all great products

Great products come from a deep understanding of customers’ needs and wants. Such understanding is best formed by observation of customers using a product. Hence, the proverbial chicken/egg situation – a product that has not yet been developed cannot be … Continue reading

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How to Develop Awesome Products? Focus on Customer Experience

Involving customers into the product development process is one of the most controversial subjects in product marketing/management communities. Like with most “religious” issues, the arguments are more about the extension of  and the form of involvement, as opposed to product … Continue reading

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