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Vanity Metrics – How Is This Still A Thing?

I’d like to borrow this line from John Oliver, host of the popular HBO show “Last Week Tonight”, to address the endless and pointless argument about the ultimate customer experience metric. For a very funny video showing an example of … Continue reading

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The Contextual Side of Customer Experience Analytics

Can you tell by the menu prices that a restaurant will provide you with a great experience? Will reading the final score substitute for the experience of the game you could not attend?  Some analytics practitioners would answer “yes” to … Continue reading

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Customer Experience is Everybody’s Business – Connecting the Dots

Most company executives don’t think that their accounting department is in the Customer Experience business. True, very few members of financial management teams normally have a reason or opportunity to communicate directly with their company’s customers unless they have to … Continue reading

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Unlocking Value of the CRM part 1

CRM initiatives used to be rightly considered to be the most challenging Enterprise Software undertaking by many people in business, yet many companies dipped their proverbial ‘toes” into this dangerous “water”. The reason is, that when these initiatives do succeed, … Continue reading

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Musing on Metrics, Marketing and Innovation

We all know that our experience with “products” depends on many factors that are not connected to or even correlated with its specifications, functions and features Continue reading

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