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Two major threats to superior customer experience

Inadequacy of connection between customer experience investment and financial benefits.   It is very hard to provide direct, causal, linear connections between investment into customer experience management and growth of revenue, reduction in operating cost or improvement of profit margins. To … Continue reading

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What a CMO could learn from Ed Snowden

It is hard to find anyone who is not familiar with revelations about mass collections of private data conducted by NSA and other international security agencies. Regardless of what one feels about the methods Edward Snowden used to make these … Continue reading

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Fake ROI and Customer Experience

Many of us are familiar with a request to justify any project from the return on investment perspective. Corporate management’s fiduciary obligation is to control the use of financial resources for the best interest of the company’s stakeholders. I have … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t an abundance of analytics translate into actions?

Most companies heard about value of data-driven decisions, and every company accumulated more data than they know what to do with. Some enterprises invested in technology tools sold to capture transactions and mine oceans of data in hopes of increasing … Continue reading

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Debunking the Argument of “Accuracy”

With the advent of Big Data, it is estimated that 70%-80% of all data collected and stored by an enterprise is in an unstructured form. There are various approaches, technologies and methods to automate the analysis of unstructured data such … Continue reading

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