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Do We Really Need “Unbiased” Customer Reviews?

Since the advent of digital commerce customer reviews became an integral and important part of marketing. As adoption of online retailing grew, the role of customer reviews, published on e-commerce (retail) sites and third party reputation sites, became irreplaceable. Consumers, … Continue reading

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Airbandb vs Hotels – Which Provides Better Guest Experience

customer experience delivered by airbandb.com is more like Forrest Gump’s “box of chocolates – you never know what you gonna get”. Continue reading

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Poll Timing Dilemma

an unintended consequence of the premature poll is the very low customer engagement rate that motivated the company to initiate the premature poll in the first place. Continue reading

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You have to be good at something

A few weeks ago my partner suggested that we should start using a CRM system to help us synchronize our efforts. Since I had nearly two decades of experience implementing various CRM systems for large and small businesses, he wanted … Continue reading

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Human Resources-The Forgotten Frontier of CX

Most Customer Experience Management practitioners understand that the CX is a holistic discipline, but tend to focus disproportionally on a customer service delivery. It is understandable as CS is so often the last line of defense – working hard to … Continue reading

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