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Social Consumer challenge to Traditional Brand Management

As most marketers are well aware, when consumers have trust in a brand the products associated with this brand are capable of delivering higher margins than the competition and sustaining adverse economic conditions without loss of their market share. Unless … Continue reading

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Customer Satisfaction—the Ultimate Vanity Metric?

Almost every company measures Customer Satisfaction or its variations at considerable expense and effort. Some companies attempt to use the metric for advertising. The metric is supposed to convince a shopper to join the ranks of the company’s customers because … Continue reading

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Customer Satisfaction Is A Relative Term

Customer perceptions of products and services, or companies and brands, are measured using different scales and methodologies. Regardless of any ambiguity of definitions and sophistication of methodology, any scale you choose reflects a fundamental consideration: how does the product (service/brand/company) … Continue reading

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Valuable insights into channel performance

Knowledge of customer satisfaction and experience delivered by a specific channel can be very illuminating from a brand manager’s perspective. It could be even more enlightening if customer satisfaction metrics also analyzed units sold by each channel and units returned. … Continue reading

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HTC sweeps Customer Experience challenge

The Average Customer Satisfaction per Brand chart paints a picture that is quite different from the results of most popular surveys that were published in a recent past. Continue reading

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