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Message to CX profession – Transparency begets trust

I get requests to complete surveys quite often. They come from my bank, after in branch transactions, websites I visited, customer service of my credit cards and cable providers. They all want to know how I would score whatever is … Continue reading

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Fake ROI and Customer Experience

Many of us are familiar with a request to justify any project from the return on investment perspective. Corporate management’s fiduciary obligation is to control the use of financial resources for the best interest of the company’s stakeholders. I have … Continue reading

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Do not confuse Customer Experience with Customer Service

There are too many people who use the customer experience and customer service/support terms interchangeably. Even well respected authors and customer centricity consultants, like Don Peppers, occasionally slip into this ambiguous trap. Here are some basic definitions found on the … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t an abundance of analytics translate into actions?

Most companies heard about value of data-driven decisions, and every company accumulated more data than they know what to do with. Some enterprises invested in technology tools sold to capture transactions and mine oceans of data in hopes of increasing … Continue reading

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Apple at the crossroads

As many products and services are becoming more agile by design, even the best-designed products have shorter and shorter time to enjoy superior profit margins before competition starts to catch on. Patent protection and brand recognition do help to extend … Continue reading

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