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If you build it, will they come? Or use crowdsourcing to validate product requirements.

Availability of customer generated product experience content allows all product development personnel to have direct and affordable access to understanding customer requirements.

The more intelligence you can find about your product segment of the market the higher is a certainty of your new product profitability forecast. Continue reading

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2010 Piplzchoice Award goes to Garmin nuvi 260

This week the Market Intelligence Report for Portable Vehicle GPS category shows that Garmin nuvi 260 3.5-inch Portable GPS Navigator enjoys the highest aggregate satisfaction ratings from it’s customers for it’s Functionality, Reliability and Support. Continue reading

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Social Networks: The New Focus Group

Consider for a moment that while traditional focus groups draw in customers to discuss their experiences, so are Social Networks providing the same information. Is there really a significant difference? Continue reading

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A five-point scale is totally inappropriate for customer satisfaction studies

Since our approach to measuring Product Reputation (delta between Customer Expectations and Customer Experience) is focused on competitive position of multiple products within their category, and our method does not require to ask people to measure it, I have decided to use “0” to “2” balanced scale with 2 decimal points for more granularity. It is interesting how infrequently people want to challenge a value of our methodology or accuracy of our analysis, compared to the selection of the measuring scale. By now I gave up any attempts to change their mind. We arrive to the scores using our algorithms to analyze Customer comments and reviews, not by asking them to measure according to any scale, therefore is much easier for us to recalculate Product Reputation scores to appear in a customer “favorite” scale. The integrity of the finding is not compromised by the conversion.
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The Power of Context

In my opinion the methods employed to conduct the research are secondary to findings, the researcher attempts to discover. This opinion usually draws very heated arguments from purists who are concerned that “biases” cannot be avoided if the research is “tainted” by preconceived expectations. I totally agree – biases cannot be avoided, or even tried to. Without biases the results of research is meaningless and it is a lot more useful to introduce a power of the context and some structure into the process.

Meaningful, representative and actionable results of the market research are more important than it’s marginal accuracy. Continue reading

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