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Musing on a role of Market Research in Innovation

Truly innovative products usually find new ways to use existing inventions to improve experience of people. The confusion arises when practitioners focus on improving products rather than experience with the product, because that is where a difference between “innovation” and incremental “improvement” lives. Continue reading

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Tuning into signals from the tablet’s market noise

For a long time I was interested in correlation between numbers of products (units) sold and numbers of customer reviews for the product posted online and here I attempt to connect those dots.

Our aggregation algorithms found 1,299 customer reviews for Apple iPad and 294 customer reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab. By applying 13% correction to the number of customer reviews found, and dividing the result by a number of iPads sold we can estimate that Apple had to sell just over 10,000 units to generate just 1 customer review (10,151). The calculations of these ratios for Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Consumer Electronics products produce very consistent results averaging around 0.014%. I suggest that there are two practical implications that come out of this reasoning:

1. The average review/product ratios could be used to estimate numbers of products sold in circumstances where such information is not disclosed by a company;

2. The statistical significance of an issue or a benefit, reported by customer in their reviews is dramatically amplified when you consider low percentage of customers who volunteer such information for public benefit.
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Motorola H680 earns 2010 Piplzchoice Award

This week we analyzed Customer Reviews for Bluetooth Headsets. As of this date we monitor 30 products in this category and analyzed 2,977 reviews written by their customers. However some of these products have not accumulated enough reviews to produce statistically representative and accurate metrics, so we filtered them out of the competition. The second round disqualified any product that failed to meet Customer Expectations with its Functionality, Reliability or Support. Continue reading

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Another Milestone

Last weekend we have passed another milestone – we are now monitoring product reputation of over 20,000 products and analyzed over 2,000,000 customer reviews. The next few weeks will bring new functional releases as well as changes to the structure … Continue reading

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Let your customers help you to improve your Product profitability

In addition to handling your regular workload, you have several hundred online customer reviews collected over the last 60 days to plow through. It’s vital to read these reviews but you simply don’t have the bandwidth to go over them all with an attention they require. You need an easy way to filter out relevant customer themes that provide quick, current, actionable insights from customers. Continue reading

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