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Unlocking the Value of CRM Enterprise Software – Part 2

This is the second installment of the inquiry into the best practices for Strategic CRM initiatives. Here is link to the post published earlier which sets definitions and boundaries for the discussion. 3. Scope Management Considerations.   Usually scope management … Continue reading

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Unlocking Value of the CRM part 1

CRM initiatives used to be rightly considered to be the most challenging Enterprise Software undertaking by many people in business, yet many companies dipped their proverbial ‘toes” into this dangerous “water”. The reason is, that when these initiatives do succeed, … Continue reading

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Musing on Social Media and Customer Relationship

potential reason of the disconnect is a nature of “soft” raw data, extracted from chats and and forums, does not easily translates into the structured information required by enterprise processes and systems. Continue reading

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Great conversation about “Social CRM – Lipstick on CRM or Transformational Business Model?”

The more fundamental change may come from reevaluating the reasons for engaging the customer – companies always wanted to market to and to sell to, both represent a push engagement model, more effectively and to service (push/pull engagement) more efficiently. These are already being explored by a number of vendors and companies, with a various degrees of success. Continue reading

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Commentary on “A future vision of CRM”

I’ve heard the argument that traditional CRM “is dead,” but this is far from the truth. In fact, as Brian notes, Social CRM does not replace transactional CRM systems, rather it augments them. What CRM is in desperate need of is new data sources and tools that help integrate and analyze this data. The future vision of CRM also requires that companies get involved in new channels and cede a certain amount of control to the customer – it’s less about management and more about engagement. Continue reading

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