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Customer Experience – From Data to Action

the effectiveness of your efforts depends much more on the data sets you choose to analyze in concert, than on the tools you choose for analysis and visualization Continue reading

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Why Your Investment in Analytics is Likely to be a Complete Waste of Money

Analytics without domain knowledge, is as likely to provide you with actionable decisions, as a pile of bricks without blueprints is to help you construct a house. Continue reading

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What a CMO could learn from Ed Snowden

It is hard to find anyone who is not familiar with revelations about mass collections of private data conducted by NSA and other international security agencies. Regardless of what one feels about the methods Edward Snowden used to make these … Continue reading

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Farce of Data-Driven Marketing

“Eat your own dog food” is a term often used in technology startup circles. It refers to a practice of using the technology your company develops to support your own company business processes. Indeed, if your tool can benefit your … Continue reading

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