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In “Peer” we trust

So what is a meaning of “peer” or “a person like me” in the environment most recommendations are anonymous, and a privacy of the recommenders is carefully protected? We all are too well aware of unscrupulous, and not too smart, marketers who tried to game the system with widely publicized failures. However that very publicity seem to give us even more confidence in the “peers”, as it makes us believe that a sheer number of the reviews and recommendations authors, and the transparency of the Internet, will protect us from being manipulated. Continue reading

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Social Media and ROI

“Lynne d Johnson, the ARF’s head of social media (formerly head of communities at Fast Company mag.) asked our expert panel about ROI, it was clear that we don’t have all the answers yet. However, the answer I liked best was Heather’s; “What is the ROI for you to send your mother a mother’s day card?” So I might add, what is the ROI for authenticity? Who cares? What kind of company do you want to be? “

I have an answer for Ms. Heather Maxwell from General Mills’s rhetorical questions – I am sure that among other things, General Mills wants to be a profitable company. Perennially unprofitable companies have a nasty habit of disappearing from business landscape along with the employment they provide to social media visionaries. Continue reading

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