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A Product is Only a Part of Customer Experience

It is only a matter of time and success rate, before competition will re-engineer the functionality of your new product or service and bring to the market a newer, shinier, and more affordable offering.  When that happens your market share … Continue reading

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A Case for Simplicity Marketing

Simplicity is NOT limitation of choices. Why does traditional marketing make it so complicated for consumers to choose their products? Continue reading

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Musing on difference between successful product & innovation

We all know examples of such innovations as Ford T, Microsoft Word, iPod and iPad to name a few that dominated and still dominate their product categories. These are very different products, however the thought process, methods and techniques of the people who are behind the creation of these products, are a mystery we want to discover. Continue reading

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Apple iPad 2 camera is eroding its reputation

Given the enthusiasm of Apple fans and popularity of the original iPad, I wonder if the bar was set too high for many iPad 2 purchasers. Digging deeper into the details of Customer Experiences we can see that a lot of negative comments are focused on quality of the camera embedded into the tablet. Continue reading

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Does Apple tell the truth?

I was watching TV and an Apple commercial came on mocking PCs and the Windows 7 Operating system, claiming that their machines are No1 in terms of Customer satisfaction. I decided to verify this claim using our Product Reputation Market … Continue reading

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