Roku rocks and Boxee Box does not

It appears Digital Media receivers keep on selling well and more consumers are considering to cut off the cable for their entertainment needs. We have published results of Voice of Customer analysis six months ago and it is still one of the most visited posts on this blog. The comments are also keep coming, and the one sent yesterday caused me to write this update.

This time we used Opinion Miner® software to discover:

  • WHAT attributes of their customer experience are important – based on the stories and reviews these customers published on-line;
  • HOW important are these attributes to them – based on the percentage of opinions expressed about an attribute compared to total opinions expressed;
  • MEASUREMENTS of a difference between customers expectations and their experience for each attribute. It is expressed in a two points scale from “0” (unacceptable) to “2” (delighted) with “1” that can be interpreted as 100% satisfied (expectation=experience).

We selected the following DMR’s, listed alphabetically, for this customer feedback analysis:

  1. Apple TV 2010 (593 customer reviews)
  2. D-Link Boxee Box (425 customer reviews)
  3. Logitech Revue (367 customer reviews)
  4. Roku XDS Streaming Streaming Player (1,186 customer reviews)


The number of opinions expressed by these products’ customer reviews does not match, and usually exceeds by a wide margin, the total number of customer reviews, as our software often extracts multiple opinions from a single customer story.

Keep in mind that no questions were asked about their experiences and no customer was ever contacted by us to solicit their opinions.  Surveys is not our business!

Our customer feedback analysis shows that Reliability is the most important attribute of customer experience for Digital Media Receivers, as 16.79% of all opinions expressed were focused on it. Unfortunately Boxee Box disappointed substantial number of their customers by shipping defective units, connectivity problems and firmware related stability issues. The details are available on request free of charge*. Reliability problems often put pressure on Support organizations and the D-Link customer support experience have also earned negative ratings from their customers. Apple TV and Roku reviews have generated below expectations score as well for the Support with comments like these

The CustomerSpeak! sample is from Roku reviews

Usability is the second most important attribute of customer experience with 10.96% of all opinions expressed. All analyzed products delighted their customers with their usability experience.


Please click on the chart above to enlarge the image.

All of the analyzed DMR’s are very easy to set-up according to their customers, but Roku’s customers feel that they got the best value as the XDS Streaming player Price attribute has the highest score of 1.24.

* Please specify DMR product when request for detail information

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