PRMIR status update

We continue to test and debug the PRMIR (Product Reputation Market Intelligence Reporter), to get it ready for private beta. Original scenarios were focused on use of the Product Reputation data by product marketing managers of Consumer Electronics manufacturers to spot “systemic” failures of the products they are responsible for, and provide them with information to assist in developing corrective actions. However as I test the PRMIR, I keep coming up with new ways to focus and filter the information from different perspectives. The consumer focus (i.e. “what is the most reputable 40″ flat screen HDTV?”) is the most obvious example.

Best 40 inch TV

All 30 of very popular Asus netbooks have very high reputation for their functionality and design, but over half of them have some support problems. If I was responsible for Asus technical support or Customer Experience management, I would surely want to look at the source of that information (verbatim). The problem is that these metrics are based on 4,882 customer reviews and any meaningful analysis would take a significant amount of time to locate specific references to the support issues.  The Support “filter” below helps to focus on the subject of investigation.

Asus Support Filter

Click on the image to enlarge.

Support Filter

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