New release is now live

This week we have introduced a new functionality to our site. Registered users can now compile, save and monitor their personalized lists products regardless of their categories association.

The following are examples of use:

1. A Product Manager, who is responsible for a ipod docking station and a computer speakers, can now assemble both products into one list for monitoring and reporting. In the past she would need to produce two reports from respective categories;

2. A Brand Marketing Manager, who researches competitive landscape of Tablet computing devices, can select and save a specific sub-set of this category that is pertinent for his analysis. In the past he would have to filter out the products outside of his desired data set every time he would want to export the report.

The management of personalized product list can be done from the PRMIR

or by clicking on Create New Product List link on MyAccount/MyList form as seen on the top screen shot. That action will open dialog offering a user to save the new list name and a form we you can search, and add products to the list.

Thank you for providing your ideas for improvements and keep them coming.

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