New laptops segment Market Intelligence study

We keep working on new methodologies for measuring impact of Word of Mouth on Brand equity. Only a few quarters ago CE manufacturers named their laptops and netbooks as two very separate categories of products, however after release of iPad this distinction started to melt away. This is the analysis of 25,4169 customer reviews of 232 laptop and netbook computers from 9 brands. The measurements represent difference between customer expectations and customer experiences using 2 point scale

The assessment was administered on reviews published before September 28, 2010. The chart below represents Customer Satisfaction Indexes for these brands.

  • As all brands display a very close, above 1, mean value which makes it safe to conclude that most customers had their expectations exceeded.
  • All brands have “negative” outliers, but their number is small
  • Samsung emerges as a leader with a large majority of it’s customers are highly positive about their experience – 50% are very concentrated at higher than average values
  • Acer and Apple display a “long tail” of disappointed customers, while Sony has the weakest brand satisfaction ratings.

Let me know if you want to see the results for Functionality, Reliability and Support reputation analysis and I will email it to you.

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