Kindle Fire vs iPad2 – new intelligence report

This statement published on Forbes blog inspired me to take another look at customer satisfaction with tablets in question.

If there was ever a chance for a tablet contender to take a run atApple’s dominance in the tablet market, it was Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Not the myriad Android-based products. And certainly not RIM’s Playbook. No, the job was up to the Kindle Fire and the moment it needed to go in for the kill was the holidays. Amazon tried and failed. Now it’s over.

The complete post can be found here.

The premise of this article is based on assumption that people who were planning to buy iPad, would purchase Kindle Fire instead. I think this is a false assumption. In fact analysis of reviews from 7,897 customers shows that both tablets exceeded expectations of their customers, albeit by a different margin. I included the analysis of Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1″) to make it more interesting, because it is probably the distant 3rd in this race for customer’s affinity. Apple clearly beats Amazon and Samsung Tab in Customer Support (1.03), Design (1.33), Screen size (1.75) and Usability (1.82). However Kindle Fire leads in General Satisfaction (1.35), Price (1.31), and Reliability (1.07).


I will publish the link to the interactive dashboard on our Google+ page along with the video on How to Navigate Market Intelligence Dashboard.


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