Just two days left!

Ok guys! We need a strong, final push to finish within the top ten companies to present in front of Mint.com CEO Aaron Patzer on the Juice Pitcher main stage October 6th in Mountain View, CA.

If you have already voted, please talk to whoever you can that you think might share your belief in our company and what we are doing; your co-workers, friends, family, whoever you can think of. Tweet about us, update your facebook statuses, whatever you can do to get our message out there.

Send them here to vote: Juice Pitcher Competition

We sincerely thank everyone who have already shown us overwhelming support!

Juice Pitcher Hosted by:

Vator.tv TheFunded

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2 Responses to Just two days left!

  1. Clint Wilson says:

    I love your advertising and so do my CSR’s as well. Please let us know how we can support you as well as where to get that awesome “sharing is caring” display.

    Great job guys!


  2. admin says:

    Thanks Clint! As much as we’d like to take credit for the “sharing” functionality, it’s actually a plugin available here. Supporting us is as easy as voting for our company in the Juice Pitcher competition!

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