Holiday Smartphone Roundup Shows Blackberry Torch Leads iPhone 4 in Customer Satisfaction

Press release

Richmond, CA December 7, 2010. Amplified Analytics, the leader in analyzing customer word of mouth information, announced today release of its pre-holiday analysis of customer reviews of competing smart phones. The study shows Research In Motion’s new Blackberry Torch pulling ahead of Apple’s iPhone 4 in meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

“Today when consumers look for information on what products to buy, their most trusted information source is other consumers,” said Gregory Yankelovich, CEO of Amplified Analytics. “For this study, we used our software to analyze more than 14,000 customer reviews of 108 mobile phone models.” The complete study is available free of charge on request at For detail analysis of the smart phone models contact us at

The results of the study show that Blackberry phones exceeded customer expectations 8% more often than Apple iPhones. The Blackberry 9800 Torch now has a significant lead in the perception of Reliability and Customer Support. However, the Apple iPhone 4 (32GB model) does still sustain its lead in the categories of screen quality, design and software stability.”

The data was analyzed by Amplified Analytics’ proprietary software, Opinion Miner®. This software quantifies the customer reactions to the products and measures whether or not those products satisfy the expectations of the consumer. Because Opinion Miner® automates collection and analysis of consumer reviews, it can provide results based on near real time data. The current study includes consumer-generated reviews published through December 5, 2010 from a variety of publicly available sources. The methodology built into Opinion Miner® also reduces the chance of error in data collection and analysis.

Today’s results will help consumers choose the right smart phones for holiday gifts. However Yankelovich says that manufacturers can draw a broader lesson from this type of analysis. Analysis of consumer reviews these allow companies to understand why consumers choose their products, or a competitor.

“The sheer volume of reviews being posted and read shows that consumers’ most trusted source of accurate product information is each other. Manufacturers therefore also need to tap into this data in order to make their products more appealing.”

About Amplified Analytics: Amplified Analytics turns consumer data into business insight.    Amplified Analytics takes the true vision of the customer reviews, call in transcripts, e-mail and chat room feedback and gives the business community a clear view of the playing field.

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12 Responses to Holiday Smartphone Roundup Shows Blackberry Torch Leads iPhone 4 in Customer Satisfaction

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  3. Cin says:

    I traded in my Blackberry torch for a iphone 4 after 3 weeks…soooooo slow…..just basically and iphone wannaB…….it was terrible… awful compared to the iphone….AND it went down to $99 the week after i paid $178 for it….really really bad business decison…guess it wasnt selling or everybody was bringing theirs back like i did….

  4. Brother John says:

    This is an interesting result. In my opinion the iPhone has a lot of publicity around it and with the cult following, it has that edge, and that’s it! I’ve always found Samsung to be a super performer in comparison, however, where would the Google Nexus rank in this, because that’s my next smartphone. Looking forward to the next comparisons.

  5. Gregory says:

    Thank you for pointing this one out. We didn’t see enough customer reviews yet to get clear “signal” about Google Nexus. Hopefully next version of the report will include it.

  6. DJ says:

    With them only commenting about the Blackberry and the Iphone and putting up the Blackberry only not any of the other phones on that data sheet it makes me wonder who paid for this survey because others done very well from the looks of the data sheet like Motorola but yet it doesn’t talk about them

  7. Justin Enduser says:

    The results of the study show that Blackberry phones exceeded customer expectations 8% more often than Apple iPhones. So in other words consumers expect less from their Blackberries than they do their iPhones? 😛

  8. When the first BB Torch came out, I was number 2 in San Diego to purchase one, I was very excited to be in the forefront of technology….bad idea!

    I went thru 12 hours of tech support and 4, yes, four replacements before BB admitted they had a “data bug”.

    The ATT Salesperson then said try a “Droid” device and I purchased Samsung Captivate….Best decision I have made. So much better of a operating system than the BB and more stable.

    All, get a “droid” based device if going to a smartphone!

  9. Gregory says:

    @DJ Let me try to clarify that this report, which you have not seen judging by your comments, is NOT a survey. It is automatic analysis of customer reviews by our Natural Language Processing algorithms. In other words we did not ask anybody any questions that would introduce our, or our sponsor’s, opinions into the analysis.
    The second clarification is that we did not have any sponsor for this research, i.e. no company or person paid us to conduct it. We did it to test and demonstrate capabilities of our software.
    The press release you refer to as a data sheet, is commenting only on iPhone4 and Blackberry because we had a very limited space for comments, and these 2 products are a subject of a lot of discussions on line. The charts of the press release do include 5 products two of which are Droids and one of them is from Motorola. The actual complimentary report is 6 pages long and quite specific about customer’s opinions of specific attributes of specific products. Let me know if you are really interested and I will be happy to email it to you.

  10. Gregory says:

    @Justin That is your bias and interpretation :). We are all entitled to our opinions, facts are somewhat different.

  11. Gregory says:

    @Kurtis Personally I do use BB Curve and would probably wait until the following release of BB OS6 before jumping in. Captivate customers actually did rate it as the best Price/Value smartphone of the fine finalists we ended up with in our study. But they also “reported” the Captivate to freeze, also in smaller numbers than the Torch.

  12. Gregory says:

    @ Brother John
    You don’t have to wait. Follow this link and enter the name of the Nexus or any other product you are interested in. If it has enough reviews online, we probably have it our database and will display basic reputation metrics: Functionality, Reliability and Support. If we don’t have it, use Contact Us button to let us know and we will add it within 24 hours. You can see what the customer say verbatim by clicking on “View Reviews” next to the dials.

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