Customers love reliability of Samsung Galaxy Tab

With introductions of new tablets from major players taking place almost every week now, we decided to check the “pulse” of customer perceptions with products of this market segment. We limited the list to four most popular products in the interest of keeping the chart neat, but you can check the reputation of other tablets we track by going to, entering the product name or number like “Apple iPad 2” and clicking on “Submit” button. The system will aggregate and analyze customer reviews to calculate the reputation metrics for you and will let you read the reviews if you want to. You can also compare it to the other tablets reviewed.

Below is a screen shot of Customer Intelligence Analysis dashboard (in private beta) that compares scores of the attributes that are most important to their customers. The importance value is indicated on the right side  and measured as an average percentage of all opinions expressed for these products.

Click on this image to enlarge it.

6,314 customer reviews were processed by the Opinion Miner® software to produce these results. It appears that Reliability (i.e. availability of the device’s to provide intended functionality to a customer) is the most important attribute of the tablet devices as 8.21% of all opinions expressed are focused on that part of the experience. Please contact us for the access to the detailed analysis of ALL attributes for these, or any other products of interest to you. Our customers use this information in their product planning process and for tuning their marketing communications.

Our research shows that customers who purchased Apple iPad 2 report their overall (CSI) expectations were exceeded by over 36%. It is 8% higher than the results achieved by original iPad and newly released Motorola Xoom.

These results, particularly about the newly introduced tablets, will most likely change within a few weeks as the customers will have more time and opportunity to experience them in wider range of circumstances, and more reviews will be posted online. We will continue to monitor the market segment perceptions as new products are introduced and keep you posted.

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