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Where are the best Insights?

Most of business managers would like to make informative business decisions rationally based on data and evidence, and yet corporate meetings are still too often dominated by “vision” and “gut feeling” arguments. It is easy to argue that uncertainties of … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Value of CRM Enterprise Software – Part 2

This is the second installment of the inquiry into the best practices for Strategic CRM initiatives. Here is link to the post published earlier which sets definitions and boundaries for the discussion. 3. Scope Management Considerations.   Usually scope management … Continue reading

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Unlocking Value of the CRM part 1

CRM initiatives used to be rightly considered to be the most challenging Enterprise Software undertaking by many people in business, yet many companies dipped their proverbial ‘toes” into this dangerous “water”. The reason is, that when these initiatives do succeed, … Continue reading

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First day of CEA Industry Forum

Mitch Joel “blew off” the roof of the house. His presentation really rocked. Mitch is the author of “Six pixels of separation”and a very dynamic and engaging speaker. God knows there are tons of Social Media gurus making speeches on trade sponsored circuit, but there are very few who really understand the “soul” of the subject as well as Mitch. His examples were agnostic, practical and actionable, the way he answered some of the questions was very impressive. It was interesting to watch audience, that was a bit leery about subject of digital marketing, won over and energized like that. Continue reading

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Home Page update

Today we rolled out a new version of our home page. That change signify the change in our focus from monitoring huge number of products, to quantify their product reputation measurements, to deep analysis of customer stories that is more … Continue reading

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