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Social Media and Customer Experience

To explore what, if anything, is actually changing with advent of Social Media in respect to the treatment of the customers. Advertisers keep complaining how difficult it is to gain share of consumer attention, yet when a company like LinkedIn or Facebook, does manage to do it, and end up raising enormous amounts of capital based on that fact, our attention doesn’t seem to be that valuable anymore. Continue reading

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Does Customer Experience really Matter?

The point of this writing is not to bash Comcast, even though it definitely deserves bashing, but to ask an important question: Does the Customer Experience (or Customer Satisfaction) really matter if in spite of its miserable scores a company like Comcast can produce healthy profits? These financial statements show steady growth in revenues and profits over the same periods, and the numbers do not provide any evidence to support the belief that mistreatment of the customers is a good business practice. Continue reading

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Real Time Brand Management?

I am concerned that spontaneous reflexes such as this will begin to emerge when they are more likely very expensive patches for inadequate customer service processes or poor brand management. A deeper analysis of root causes for poor customer experiences with a goal of the these causes systematic elimination constitutes a real “function” of brand management. Continue reading

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How smart are we?

It is rare to see an advertising campaign that is focused on quality of experience, and the only differentiator seems to be the price. These unbalanced optimization attempts inevitably trigger a “law of unintended consequences”. Results range from retail stores, that both feel and smell like dumps, to rising costs of waste disposal caused by purchases of low quality products, that do not last and are priced too low to fix. Continue reading

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