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DVD/Blu-ray Sector Analysis

Sylvania, Sony and Panasonic are the clear leaders in the Blu-Ray device class
with 9 of the top 10 products belonging to these three vendors. Sylvania leads the pack with the
NB530SLX in the number one spot. The highest rated DVD player for the home was the Panasonic
DVD-S52S. When compared to their portable counterparts, the home DVD players don’t have the
same level of customer statisfaction (about 10% less). Across the board, customers of this class of
product were found to be unimpressed with the functionality of these products, as well as unhappy
with their reliability. Important to note that the support rating for all products reviewed was poor (50%
or less). This could be due to the challenges faced with hooking them up to TVs with other devices
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