Valuable insights into channel performance

poor surveyKnowledge of customer satisfaction and experience delivered by a specific channel can be very illuminating from a brand manager’s perspective. It could be even more enlightening if customer satisfaction metrics also analyzed units sold by each channel and units returned. When these streams of data consistently correlate and/or trend together negatively, it is likely to indicate systemic channel performance problems.

From the channel perspective, customer satisfaction with specific brands – and even more importantly, with specific products – can help optimize shelf space for maximum profitability.

The detailed analysis of customer feedback (reviews) and customer support communications associated with a troubled channel or brand can provide root cause(s) and ideas for corrective actions.

Below is an example of a report on customer satisfaction with smartphones by channel/carrier. The information was mined from 142,369 online customer reviews published prior to March 30, 2013. AT&T customers who use Nokia smartphones reported customer satisfaction 21% above average across all major carriers* and all major brands.

Social Customer Satisfaction per Channel

* Sprint did not offer Nokia smartphones during the reported period.

Deeper analysis may reveal customer satisfaction by model, time period, customer gender, age group, other personal characteristic, or geographic region. Please contact us to discuss methodology for mining intelligence in your market segment.

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