Apple iPad 2 camera is eroding its reputation

The tablets market segment is fun to watch. While there is no doubt that Apple “owns” the segment it is interesting to note that it has the lowest satisfaction score compared to the competition.

Given the enthusiasm of Apple fans and popularity of the original iPad, I wonder if the bar was set too high for many iPad 2 purchasers. Digging deeper into the details of Customer Experiences we can see that a lot of negative comments are focused on quality of the camera embedded into the tablet.

Indeed the “focused” listening provides specific metrics that show difference between customer expectations and their actual experience with this attribute of Customer Experience.

The analysis shows that Blackberry Playbook is a clear leader when it comes to Customer Experience with picture quality. Considering widely held belief (which I do not share) that Apple does not do market research it would be interesting to see if they address the camera/picture quality issue in the next edition of this popular product.

We used Opinion MinerĀ® software to analyze 1,103 customer generated reviews, published online before May, 29 2011, of the tablets listed above to generate these findings. The scores are calculated to the two point scale from 0 (unacceptable) to 2 (delighted) with 1=100% satisfied (i.e. experience matches expectations).


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