Android & WP double digit Market Share gains – Market Intelligence augmented

By now you have probably seen quantitative Market Intelligence report from IDC that shows an explosive growth of Android smartphone shipments.

“Top Smartphone Operating Systems, Shipments, and Market Share, Q2 2012 (Units in Millions)”

I finally found time to correlate these numbers to our “qualitative to quantitative” Customer Satisfaction research numbers from Customer Satisfaction with Windows smartphones rise by 18% report. We extended original IDC table with Customer Satisfaction columns and dropped Operating Systems that we do not track Customer Satisfaction for.

The Customer Satisfaction scores are expressed in 0-2 scale of measurement, where any score above 1 represents a percentage by which Customer Expectations were exceeded by their Experience.

Additional Year-over-year Change columns for Customer Satisfaction and Market Share also provide additional insights into this very interesting and dynamic market segment.


 Click on the table image to see larger version.

It is easy to see a strong correlation between dramatic increase in a Window Phones Customer Satisfaction and explosive rise in its Market Share, however the drop of iOS Market Share despite a double digit increase in Satisfaction, does remind us about distinctive difference between correlation and causation. We often tend to forget it-particularly when it suites our biases.

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