A trend in customers preference for tablets with proprietory OS

Category Management Report Tablet’ Brands Word of Mouth Assessment (July 1, 2011)

This information is based on analysis of 6,413 customer reviews published online on or before July 1, 2011 on popular websites like Amazon, Best Buy and Cnet.com.

Only customer’s generated content (Customer Word of Mouth) is analyzed. Consumers’ opinions, without ownership reference, are not part of this online marketing research. The customer generated content was located, authenticated, de-duped and aggregated for the analysis.

Voice of Customer

There is significant difference in volume of customer feedback available for online marketing research of various brands as illustrated on the chart below.

Changes in Customer perceptions over time


Tablet brands voice of customer analysis Opinion Minining and Sentiment analysis

HP TouchPad Tablet was introduced just a few days ago with an enthusiastic number of reviews and remarkably high Customer Satisfaction score. However it is not appearing on the Trending charts above because there is no sufficient history yet to plot.

Trend – It appears that the tablets with proprietary operating systems outperform Android counterparts, in terms of Customer Satisfaction, as they come to the market. See the chart below.

online marketing research

Please follow the links to HP Touchdown, RIM PlayBook, and Motorola Xoom,  verbatim if you want to read what the customers say about their experiences.

For more detailed analysis, please request Customer Intelligence Analysis for specific segment of this category.

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