Samsung Galaxy Tab is not ready to play iPad killer

As Samsung reported shipping over 600,000 units the first month after introduction, Galaxy Tab customers started to publish reports of their experiences with this exciting product on the online customer review sites and other social media venues. Not surprisingly many of them compare it to Apple iPod tablets.

A new study of 1,142 customer reviews available online, revealed that both tablets Customer Satisfaction exceeds customer expectations  by 17% and 15% respectively, which is well within margin of error. Both products fall short of customer expectations when it comes to Price/Value, however Galaxy Tab customers seem to think it offers better value and prefer its smaller size.

Galaxy Tab buyers are citing Android open platform and availability of Flash as critical reason for their purchasing decision, however Samsung and/or carriers poor customer support of this tablet may cause it fail to its claim of becoming an “iPad killer”.

Analysis Methodology: For this study we aggregated consumer-generated reviews published through November 26, 2010 on multiple popular public sites. This data was analyzed with our proprietary Opinion Miner software. The complete data set of competitive products, services and brands selected by Amplified Analytics’ customers is collected, monitored for updates, processed and analyzed through a paid arrangement. Source Data and attributes analysis for each model is available by request at

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6 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Tab is not ready to play iPad killer

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  2. Jorge says:

    What this review side stepped is that in the USA, the Tab has its phone function blocked. It’s a beautiful gadget, but without the phone function, it’s a NO SALE for me.

  3. squajo says:

    Jorge, what you fail to mention is that the Ipad does not have a phone function as well. So does this mean that an IPAD is a “NO SALE” for you too?

  4. DaveMTL says:

    They shipped a lot…. but how many did they sell? Channel stuffing is more of a MS thing than Samsung but they appear to be using the same sales tactics. Here in Montreal I have already noticed prices dropping significantly on the Galaxy tab. The local “radio Shack” now called something else, says he doesn’t expect sales to move until the price drops. The size is useless for most men at work, most don’t wear jackets anymore, the 5″ Dell probably makes more sense. As for women, the iPad does not seem to be a problem with most purses (in which an iPad appears to disappear!). Many of the women I know own and love their iPads. I expect iPad2, due to be announced by late January, to meet many of the missing pieces.

  5. DaveMTL says:

    BTW, how many clients surveyed were iPad and how many were Galaxy clients? Also note how the “perceived value” is graphed rather oddly… a recent report I read (about 2-3 weeks ago) revealed that many consumers thought the Galaxy should be priced considerably less due to smaller screen, lesser battery and fewer tablet apps.

  6. Gregory says:


    These measurements are produced by automated analysis of customer reviews found online, not by surveying customers with pre-conceived questions. We found 1,121 reviews for Apple iPad and 100 reviews for Galaxy Tab. Interestingly enough these numbers roughly correlate to the units shipped this year, according to a few sources I’ve seen recently.
    The “perceived value” graph reveals that the Galaxy customers think that it is overpriced (measure=0.92), while iPad customers think that it is even more overpriced (measure=0.92). Note the scale legend in the right bottom corner. Perceived Value equal 1 indicate customers opinion of a fair value, anything above 1 would indicate a really good deal.

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