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Why are Consumers Jaded by Marketing Messages?

We live in the age of abundance. From tropical fruit during winter to a choice of tools for any conceivable job, most of us have more “stuff” than we really need. One thing most of us are short of – … Continue reading

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3 Steps for Improving the Value of Voice of Customers

Every company collects customer feedback in one form or another. It is the ability to HEAR what their customers SAY that separates successful companies from “also run”s. Below are 3 steps that can help your company to improve its hearing: … Continue reading

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3 Questions for the Author of “Hooked on Customers”

Last week I had the opportunity to ask Bob Thompson, the author of the book “Hooked on Customers”, a few questions. Bob  is an international authority on customer-centric business management who has researched and shaped leading industry trends since 1998. He is founder … Continue reading

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We are re-branding

Some of you may have noticed the changes in the name and the logo on our site and this blog. The focus of our research, and of our technology development efforts, have pivoted over the last few years. We feel … Continue reading

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