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Market Segmentation and the Myth of Demographics

Do you really believe that all 24-36 year old men buy your product for the same reason? If you do, I have a slightly used bridge at a very attractive price for you. Demographic segmentation strategy is based on the … Continue reading

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Customer Experience and Balance of Power

During the last few years we witnessed tremendous political impact of social media on politics, both inĀ  government and corporate realms. The examples abound from the social media fuelled Arab Spring demonstrations and political campaign funds collections, to the well … Continue reading

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What a CMO could learn from Ed Snowden

It is hard to find anyone who is not familiar with revelations about mass collections of private data conducted by NSA and other international security agencies. Regardless of what one feels about the methods Edward Snowden used to make these … Continue reading

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Loyalty vs Reputation-Which sells your product better?

Loyalty is based on prior experiences a customer had with a specific brand, while reputation is based on the aggregated experiences of others with a specific product. Both influence purchasing selections consumers make, but each can make a different impact … Continue reading

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