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Social Levers for Effective Brand Management

This article is a sequel to The Essence of Brand and Customer Experience post that I wrote a few months ago. It explores further how to use Social Reputation metrics as the levers for pro-active brand management. Over five years … Continue reading

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Social Customer and the Quest for Better Margins

It is no secret that most new products taken to market do not perform to management expectations. While there may be a myriad of reasons to explain the high rate of failure, I would like to focus on the fundamental … Continue reading

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The key to happiness lies in managing expectations

 The key to happiness lies in managing expectations. I have found this to be true in personal and professional endeavors. From that perspective, choosing a product to buy personally does not differ much from corporate technology or project selection. In … Continue reading

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Customer Satisfaction—the Ultimate Vanity Metric?

Almost every company measures Customer Satisfaction or its variations at considerable expense and effort. Some companies attempt to use the metric for advertising. The metric is supposed to convince a shopper to join the ranks of the company’s customers because … Continue reading

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