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Debunking the Argument of “Accuracy”

With the advent of Big Data, it is estimated that 70%-80% of all data collected and stored by an enterprise is in an unstructured form. There are various approaches, technologies and methods to automate the analysis of unstructured data such … Continue reading

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Customer Experience is Everybody’s Business – Connecting the Dots

Most company executives don’t think that their accounting department is in the Customer Experience business. True, very few members of financial management teams normally have a reason or opportunity to communicate directly with their company’s customers unless they have to … Continue reading

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Customer Satisfaction Is A Relative Term

Customer perceptions of products and services, or companies and brands, are measured using different scales and methodologies. Regardless of any ambiguity of definitions and sophistication of methodology, any scale you choose reflects a fundamental consideration: how does the product (service/brand/company) … Continue reading

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OrgChart Challenges to Adoption Management – Lesson Learned

Many business problems that negatively affect Customer Experience have their roots in the siloed nature of an organization. A business often sees itself as a collection of departments, while a customer experiences it as single supplier, provider or brand. Early … Continue reading

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