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Roku rocks and Boxee Box does not

We selected the following DMR’s, listed alphabetically, for this Voice of Customer analysis:
Apple TV 2010 (593 customer reviews)
D-Link Boxee Box (425 customer reviews)
Logitech Revue (367 customer reviews)
Roku XDS Streaming Streaming Player (1,186 customer reviews)
Our analysis shows that Reliability is the most important attribute of customer experience for Digital Media Receivers, as 16.79% of all opinions expressed were focused on it. Unfortunately Boxee Box disappointed substantial number of their customers by shipping defective units, connectivity problems and firmware related stability issues. Continue reading

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Blackberry Playbook QNX OS exceeds customers’ expectations by a wide margin

Last week we focused at customers’ perception of Operating System for tablets they purchased. These metrics are extracted from 1,352 customer generated content pieces published on-line on or before June 15th, 2011 using Opinion Miner software. Continue reading

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Join us for “Innovation and Market Research” webinar

During this webinar we will explore and analyze traditional methods of product definition process, their limitations and their applications that often lead to incremental improvements as oppose to true innovation. We will talk about

What separate a successful product from INNOVATIVE product
What are differences between a Product Manager and a Star Product Manager , and
How the knowledge of the market helps to close the gaps between the two.
Continue reading

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