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Apple iPad 2 camera is eroding its reputation

Given the enthusiasm of Apple fans and popularity of the original iPad, I wonder if the bar was set too high for many iPad 2 purchasers. Digging deeper into the details of Customer Experiences we can see that a lot of negative comments are focused on quality of the camera embedded into the tablet. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Playbook customers send mixed messages

The Playbook introduction caused a lot of controversy well before it was actually released with speculations about its battery life problems wildly spread all over internet. The decision to go with its proprietary operating system was also made with a lot of criticism in social media. However since the Playbook started shipping and customers had a chance to form their own opinion, the results of their opinions analysis did not produce a crystal clear picture yet. One thing seems to emerge though – it is a lot better product than most people have expected. This writing is based on the analysis of 886 customer reviews of their experience with these tablets. Continue reading

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