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Customers love reliability of Samsung Galaxy Tab

6,314 customer reviews were processed by the Opinion Miner® software to produce these results. It appears that Reliability (i.e. availability of the device’s to provide intended functionality to a customer) is the most important attribute of the tablet devices as 8.21% of all opinions expressed are focused on that part of the experience. Continue reading

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Tuning into signals from the tablet’s market noise

For a long time I was interested in correlation between numbers of products (units) sold and numbers of customer reviews for the product posted online and here I attempt to connect those dots.

Our aggregation algorithms found 1,299 customer reviews for Apple iPad and 294 customer reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab. By applying 13% correction to the number of customer reviews found, and dividing the result by a number of iPads sold we can estimate that Apple had to sell just over 10,000 units to generate just 1 customer review (10,151). The calculations of these ratios for Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Consumer Electronics products produce very consistent results averaging around 0.014%. I suggest that there are two practical implications that come out of this reasoning:

1. The average review/product ratios could be used to estimate numbers of products sold in circumstances where such information is not disclosed by a company;

2. The statistical significance of an issue or a benefit, reported by customer in their reviews is dramatically amplified when you consider low percentage of customers who volunteer such information for public benefit.
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