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Mobile Phones revisited

It is not surprising to find two Blackberry phones in the group, as the RIM is the top Brand when it comes to average customer satisfaction. However the fact that Sony and Samsung phones are among the top 5, yet the Brands have overall low standings, is telling that the “dogs” of these manufacturers are dragging down their Brand Equity.

This begs the question – which Sony and Samsung phones are these “dogs”, that destroy their Brand Equity?
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“Tomorrow is just a future Yesterday”

Steve Jobs is often and rightly credited as the genius behind Apple’s great success in assuming what consumers really want, but I wonder if there is a method behind his magic. Just how much sorcery is there to figure out the requirements for iPod if you take really close look on what customers, who purchased MP3 players, have experienced? Imaging watching these people figuring out tiny menus trying to find and play a music track they want to hear. Surely the age and gender may influence just how much of inconvenience one can tolerate, but the very fact that these people have made a decision to spend their money for something that imperfect, uniquely qualify them as a special market segment that supersede the traditional market segmentation criteria’s based on demographics. Continue reading

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