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Dynamic dashboards for Customer Intelligence

This is the result of automated analysis of customer reviews published online. Opinions are measured on the scale from “0” (unacceptable) to “2” (delighted), with “1” indicating satisfaction (expectation=experience). The importance is expressed by the line across bars and measured by a weighted average of total number of opinions about specific attribute of a specific product.

List of Attributes is extracted from customer’s conversations, not preconceived by any individual.

The dashboard controls allows a user to select and filter subsets of data for more targeted analysis. Below is an example of one-to-one comparison between Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook Color Continue reading

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Filtering Digital Media Receivers – which one is for me?

This makes my selection much easier as I can see that Roku XD delighted their customers with most of the attributes important to them. More than any other receiver we considered. However I also have information to make this decision personal, not just following the math – I do not buy from a company that disappoints their customers with Customer Support that makes…..

Drum rolls please!

The winner of 2010 Piplzchoice Award in the Digital Receiver Category is Apple TV 2010. Continue reading

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Idiot Marketers or Idiot Consumers?

Belkin became a “poster child”, but it surely is not the only perpetrator of public trust. There is a long list of slimy morons who figured out it is easier to brake the law (yes, it is illegal) than to produce really good product the customers would be inspired to write about. I can’t imagine that economic value of results produced using cheap manipulation can possibly justify the legal and financial risk involved yet in spite of all scandals and successful legal proceedings the practice continues, and cheap labor providing sites are flooded with ads Continue reading

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Holiday Smartphone Roundup Shows Blackberry Torch Leads iPhone 4 in Customer Satisfaction

The results of the study show that Blackberry phones exceeded customer expectations 8% more often than Apple iPhones. The Blackberry 9800 Torch now has a significant lead in the perception of Reliability and Customer Support. However, the Apple iPhone 4 (32GB model) does still sustain its lead in the categories of screen quality, design and software stability.” Continue reading

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Very cool discovery

I just discovered this very cool site that allows you to make animations like this one

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