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Samsung Galaxy Tab is not ready to play iPad killer

A new study of 1,142 customer reviews available online, revealed that both tablets Customer Satisfaction exceeds customer expectations by 17% and 15% respectively, which is well within margin of error. Both products fall short of customer expectations when it comes to Price/Value, however Galaxy Tab customers seem to think it offers better value and prefer its smaller size. Continue reading

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Blackberry Torch vs Apple iPhone 4 – Battle for Customer Perception

The most interesting rivalry is developing between latest popular offerings – Blackberry 9800 Torch and iPhone 4-32GB where the Torch is opening a significant lead in perception of Reliability (35%) and Customer Support (44%), while iPhone 4 delights their customers with the screen quality, design and software stability. Continue reading

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3 simple ideas for engaging your customers to sell your products

Engaging your customers to write more reviews is probably the most challenging task. There is no shortcuts here. Any marketers who succumbed to a “brilliant” idea of planting reviews written by not-customers should know that it is illegal ( it was successfully prosecuted in NY), it produce adverse effects, and did I mention that it is not ethical? Misleading social media seeding techniques have become so widespread that the European Union enacted Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations to protect the public from the most deceitful activities. Continue reading

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Content Wars in Historic perspective

This is an attempt to put the content business disruption that came into our experience with development of Internet distribution channel. There is no secret for anyone today that business models of modern content management companies are being violently disrupted. … Continue reading

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Blackberry Torch wins 2010 Piplzchoice Award

RIM Blackberry Torch 9800 is 2010 Piplzchoice Award winner with 59% above average Customer Satisfaction in its Category. The winners are chosen by their customers.
This Phone’ Reliability score is 42% higher than the category average and it handily exceeded reputation of other popular smart phones like Samsung Captivate Android, HTC DROID INCREDIBLE and Motorola Droid X. Continue reading

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