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First day of CEA Industry Forum

Mitch Joel “blew off” the roof of the house. His presentation really rocked. Mitch is the author of “Six pixels of separation”and a very dynamic and engaging speaker. God knows there are tons of Social Media gurus making speeches on trade sponsored circuit, but there are very few who really understand the “soul” of the subject as well as Mitch. His examples were agnostic, practical and actionable, the way he answered some of the questions was very impressive. It was interesting to watch audience, that was a bit leery about subject of digital marketing, won over and energized like that. Continue reading

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New Market Intelligence on mobile phones segment

Source Data: Social Media – customer generated content found on, WirelessAT&,, and other sites.
The following products were included for comparative analysis: HTC EVO 4G Android Phone (Sprint), Samsung Captivate Android Phone (AT&T), Nokia N900

• Only customer’s generated content is analyzed. Consumers’ opinions, without ownership reference, are not part of this analysis. The customer generated content is located, authenticated, de-duped and aggregated for the analysis
• The content of the customer reviews is processed by Opinion Miner© software to tag attributes of the discussed products.
• The sentiments associated with tagged attributes are quantified for subsequent comparison.
• The findings are organized to facilitate discovery of customer insights that help to understand why customers selected to purchase this product or passed it up for a competitor.
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Home Page update

Today we rolled out a new version of our home page. That change signify the change in our focus from monitoring huge number of products, to quantify their product reputation measurements, to deep analysis of customer stories that is more … Continue reading

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New laptops segment Market Intelligence study

# Samsung emerges as a leader with a large majority of it’s customers are highly positive about their experience – 50% are very concentrated at higher than average values
# Acer and Apple display a “long tail” of disappointed customers, while Sony has the weakest brand satisfaction ratings.
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