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Did Apple “jump the shark”?

iPad did not meet expectations of their customers, who wrote the reviews with 53% reported negative experiences (0.91) related to Reliability, and 65% of comments about Support were negative (0.94). To be fair, the customers overwhelmingly impressed with screen readability (100% rated 1.81) and usability of the device (96% rated 1.53).

I know the Apple just reported 78% increase in profits, but with 63% of their flagship product customers reporting that its value did not meet their expectations (0.98), I can’t help but wonder how long it would take for Apple to start loosing it’s “freshness”. Would Continue reading

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New release to enable Product Satisfaction Analysis

This is an example of how our algorithms translate qualitative data (Word of Mouth, Customer Feedback, Voice of Customer) into quantitative, structured information. Our customers are using this tool to do pre-survey research, to identify the questions the subsequent survey validation. Continue reading

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DVD/Blu-ray Sector Analysis

Sylvania, Sony and Panasonic are the clear leaders in the Blu-Ray device class
with 9 of the top 10 products belonging to these three vendors. Sylvania leads the pack with the
NB530SLX in the number one spot. The highest rated DVD player for the home was the Panasonic
DVD-S52S. When compared to their portable counterparts, the home DVD players don’t have the
same level of customer statisfaction (about 10% less). Across the board, customers of this class of
product were found to be unimpressed with the functionality of these products, as well as unhappy
with their reliability. Important to note that the support rating for all products reviewed was poor (50%
or less). This could be due to the challenges faced with hooking them up to TVs with other devices
attached. Continue reading

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Sylvania NB530SLX Blu-ray disc player wins 2010 Piplzchoice Award

We measure the difference between customer expectations and their experiences with each brand, using a scale from 0 (unacceptable) to 2 (delighted). The obvious goal is to not only meet customer expectations but exceed them. So how are you doing? What about your competition?

This graph will not only tell you how consumers see your products, but of even greater importance, how they see products of your competitors. The average rating for all products is in the middle and if you see your product to the right of the center line, congratulations! This means consumers rate you above the average for all products measured. But if you fall to the left of the center, you need to make some changes as soon as possible, if you are not there, your potential customers have no reference for buying your products.
Continue reading

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Social Media and Customer Experience

To explore what, if anything, is actually changing with advent of Social Media in respect to the treatment of the customers. Advertisers keep complaining how difficult it is to gain share of consumer attention, yet when a company like LinkedIn or Facebook, does manage to do it, and end up raising enormous amounts of capital based on that fact, our attention doesn’t seem to be that valuable anymore. Continue reading

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