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How smart are we?

It is rare to see an advertising campaign that is focused on quality of experience, and the only differentiator seems to be the price. These unbalanced optimization attempts inevitably trigger a “law of unintended consequences”. Results range from retail stores, that both feel and smell like dumps, to rising costs of waste disposal caused by purchases of low quality products, that do not last and are priced too low to fix. Continue reading

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PRMIR status update

We continue to test and debug the PRMIR (Product Reputation Market Intelligence Reporter), to get it ready for private beta. Original scenarios were focused on use of the Product Reputation data by product marketing managers of Consumer Electronics manufacturers to … Continue reading

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A five-point scale is totally inappropriate for customer satisfaction studies

Since our approach to measuring Product Reputation (delta between Customer Expectations and Customer Experience) is focused on competitive position of multiple products within their category, and our method does not require to ask people to measure it, I have decided to use “0” to “2” balanced scale with 2 decimal points for more granularity. It is interesting how infrequently people want to challenge a value of our methodology or accuracy of our analysis, compared to the selection of the measuring scale. By now I gave up any attempts to change their mind. We arrive to the scores using our algorithms to analyze Customer comments and reviews, not by asking them to measure according to any scale, therefore is much easier for us to recalculate Product Reputation scores to appear in a customer “favorite” scale. The integrity of the finding is not compromised by the conversion.
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10 least reliable compact laptops

Today on request of a friend, I extracted the list of the least reliable small laptops on the market. I suppose he wants to avoid buying a lemon. The list was produced by Product Reputation Market Intelligence Reporter (PRMIR) that … Continue reading

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