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The season for empty promises and meaningless predictions

I just don’t believe that “it” will happen in 2010, primarily because the fundamental change is not an event, it is a process. The process that takes time and a lot of education as too many consumers have willfully relegated their power of choice and are more comfortable to see themselves as victims. Continue reading

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Webcams that earned high reputation from their users, but have Support issues

It is quite common that customers of the products with high reputation for reliability, do not have much to say about support. It is understandable as they have no reason to experience Support Organizations. Continue reading

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“Personalization” is the new “Segmentation”

Very similar problem facing marketeers who want to understand specific, personal characteristics that affect reputation of their products and brands, and how does it influence their competitive position in their market segments. Their problem is multiplied by a number of products, brands and competitors they have to follow and luck of consistent methodology to produce effective output. The technologies are complex to implement and costs are staggering. Continue reading

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Netbooks that earned the highest Product Reputation Scores

These 29 netbooks are selected from 98 available on the market and the result of sentiment analysis and opinion mining of 16,402 customer reviews. Continue reading

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Can’t buy me Love…

This is not to say that Word Of Mouth Marketing cannot be incentivised, just that marketers have to understand that it could become a double edge sword and can easily create unintended adverse consequences. It also create a challenge for us, at Amplified Analytics, to develop an effective approach to weight authenticity of reviews we analyze for producing Product Reputation metrics. Continue reading

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