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The Power of Context

In my opinion the methods employed to conduct the research are secondary to findings, the researcher attempts to discover. This opinion usually draws very heated arguments from purists who are concerned that “biases” cannot be avoided if the research is “tainted” by preconceived expectations. I totally agree – biases cannot be avoided, or even tried to. Without biases the results of research is meaningless and it is a lot more useful to introduce a power of the context and some structure into the process.

Meaningful, representative and actionable results of the market research are more important than it’s marginal accuracy. Continue reading

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In “Peer” we trust

So what is a meaning of “peer” or “a person like me” in the environment most recommendations are anonymous, and a privacy of the recommenders is carefully protected? We all are too well aware of unscrupulous, and not too smart, marketers who tried to game the system with widely publicized failures. However that very publicity seem to give us even more confidence in the “peers”, as it makes us believe that a sheer number of the reviews and recommendations authors, and the transparency of the Internet, will protect us from being manipulated. Continue reading

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Does Apple tell the truth?

I was watching TV and an Apple commercial came on mocking PCs and the Windows 7 Operating system, claiming that their machines are No1 in terms of Customer satisfaction. I decided to verify this claim using our Product Reputation Market … Continue reading

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Commentary on “Why Process barfs on Social”

The formalization of “process” imply that there is a beginning, the end and most important – a purpose of repetitively doing something to achieve a specific result. The language of Social is extremely ambiguous, the current practitioners are still trying to figure out what exactly to expect, how realistic the expectations are and whether the good experience could be consistently replicated.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle

Just because some people are innately more social and enjoy “socializing” on-line, it doesn’t mean that there is in ROI in it by default. Continue reading

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Musing on Wittgenstein’s ruler

Customer Satisfaction is usually considered to fall into a domain of Market Research, to me however it is one of the most critical traits of CRM universe. After all Customer Relationship Management systems suppose to help you to know how your customers feel about your company, your service and your product at any given time. Therefore it is critically important to enable and optimize two ways communication channels for capturing and analyzing the resulting information flow. Continue reading

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