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How it all started

While selecting parameters for the planned purchase in terms of it’s specifications was not too difficult, if you know what you want, predicting quality of your ownership experience may prove to be much more complicated. Continue reading

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Commentary on Desired Customer Outcome

I have encountered some mixed emotions among some Market Research and Customer Experience Management practitioners about the usefulness of Customers Reviews as a source of real business intelligence, as opposed to their use as marketing gimmicks. I do not fancy myself as a true professional in these fields as I lack true hands-on, hard core operational experience; however, I doubt these mixed emotions and remain determined to develop technology that “listens” to the stories of customers to “learn” and measure how a product experience meets customer’s expectations. I ran across this post today from ClearAction that clarifies some of these doubts: Continue reading

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From Data to Wisdom

Correlating the information, produced by tracking these two data points over time, with sales numbers can create a knowledge – “product with inferior reputation tend to undersell it’s competition by X%, when sold at competitive (i.e. similar) price”. Now, this is an actionable knowledge as our MP/PM manager can attempt to discount ABC product to stimulate sales or attempt to improve customers opinion about it. Continue reading

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Re “Marketers Ignoring Customer Feedback from Social Media”

A Social Media Survey conducted on behalf of PRWeek and MS&L by PRWeek and CA Walker found that marketers don’t make changes to their products based on customer feedback, despite monitoring feedback being one of the most common business uses of social media in the first place.

The survey found that 70% of marketers say they’ve never made a change to a product or marketing efforts based on feedback from consumers on social media sites. Continue reading

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Recent Site Problems…

Yesterday it was brought to our attention that our Review Display Module was acting rather strange. Users were experiencing issues with the wrong product’s reviews displaying while using the V2P Accelerator; some complained that no reviews were showing up at … Continue reading

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